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16 septembre 2008 2 16 /09 /septembre /2008 17:41

Morgen verschijnt Thriller versus roman (Uitgeverij Garant, Antwerpen / Apeldoorn, 142 p.).


Gisela Lehmer-Kerkloh en Thomas Przybilka hadden een gesprek met Jim Madison Davis (www.alligatorpapiere.de – “Die Befragungen von GL-K en TP”). Op de vraag “Crime mystery – is it literature, antwoordde Jim Madison Davis:

When we say "literature" we mean one of two things: all literary works, or we mean only quality literary works. Crime and mystery writing can be low quality or high quality. It constitutes literature, and the small part of it that is high quality is part of "literature" when we mean high quality writing. Genres are arbitrary designations, based on fluid definitions.

Onder de titel “The Pecking Order” gaat hij in Thriller versus roman verder op deze vraagstelling in:

I think most of us would agree that this separation of writing into the“serious” and the “genre” areas isn’t very useful in determining what is truly of quality. A huge flap followed the announcement that Stephen King would be receiving a major literary award for lifetime achievement. Imagine such an award going to someone who is read and understood by millions of people!

Unthinkable! As the critic Longinus wrote many centuries ago, time is the measure of greatness. All our little self-congratulatory groups, our snobberies about genre, gradually disappear in the passage of time. If a book survives, it will survive because it opens our eyes to the problems of being human, and if it does that, no one will care if it was once classified as a “serious” novel or a trivial one. Shakespeare was a moneymaking playwright in his day. Charles Dickens made crowds weep. George Eliot and George Sand were bestsellers. Balzac and Zola were scandals. Many of these authors’ great writings could be considered as crime writing, and classifying the writings as such certainly doesn’t make them less great. There are crime writers writing today who will someday be among the few authors from our time who are read in the future, if, indeed, anyone at all reads in the future.


Prof. dr. Jim Madison Davis (Universiteit van Oklahoma) geeft morgen een masterclass aan de Universiteit Antwerpen. Er zijn al meer dan 40 inschrijvingen.

JMD, een internationaal gerenommeerde docent, literatuurkenner en misdaadauteur is voorzitter van het AIEP/IACW (International Association of Crime Writers). Hij publiceerde o.m. de Novelist's Essential Guide to Creating Plot.  (Zie ook het bericht van 25 augustus).

Waar: Universiteit Antwerpen, Prinsstraat 13, lokaal B003.

Wanneer: woensdag 17 september van 19 tot 22 uur.

Prijs: Leden van het GVM en het GNM: 2 €. Niet-leden: 5 €.

Reserveren via sms +32 (0)498 19 80 80 of per mail: secretariaat@misdaadauteurs.be

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